Unlocking the unlimited potential in people, products and brands


The Glass Marketing Group was founded as a result of a simple observation:

"People have transformed how they work, live, shop and buy, but businesses have not fully adapted".

This imbalance led us to create the vision of changing the way of businesses in today's digital world. With our powerful, easy to use and integrated set of solutions, we enable businesses to attract, reach, and intrigue customers by delivering experiences that are relevant, powerful and personalised. 

We’re dedicated about leveraging experiences, driving creativity and visionary thinking.

We bring an entrepreneurial mentality stemming from our roots in the startup world. We have helped launch, grow and scale businesses through the collaboration of innovative founders and our team of entrepreneurial minded strategists, designers and marketers.


At our core, we think like entrepreneurs. We’re adept, quick to market and nimble at finding the trends to leverage your brand.

The Glass Marketing Group is after all, on a mission to make the world more mobile - one business transformation at a time, helping business's make the most of this 'digital era'.

We create every online marketing campaigns from scratch to design the campaigns around your objectives.


We vision ourselves being strategic partners to some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world. Dedicated to deep focus on blending creative & technology to empower businesses, engage consumers and drive social change.


As the world is changing rapidly everyday - being digitally innovative is no longer optional.


We work with you to create the roadmap to tap into changing technologies, business models and global trends. We're here to foster the true innovator in all of us. 

Building brands that have a sustainable, positive impact on our lives. To build technology that changes industries. To use creative to tell the world what makes businesses special. To empower businesses to create a culture of giving back.


Visioned to help drive sales for products & services that impact our lives. No matter your industry, product or service – we help grow and brand businesses.


We are here to go above and beyond for our clients and we believe in developing long lasting relationships during the process.


At the core we are a noble company that create every online marketing campaign from scratch to design your campaign around your objectives, rather than selling you canned services from a menu.

"Our passion, integrity, and first class service combined with our commitment to quality is why Glass Marketing exists - if results matter to you then we are the clear choice."

Designing and execute innovative digital marketing and technology strategies for those that care about quality and results is our foundation. Whether you just got your series A, B, or you’re a household name, we will endeavour too propel you to digital success. 


We are here to go above and beyond for you and to share our expertise and values with you.


Defining your brand identity through dynamic creative, interactions, innovative and meaningful campaigns.


Think of us as your strategic partner. We strategise on every campaign we do for our clients.


"Cut enough corners & you will be running in circles"


Our main focus is driving growth for your business - getting conversions, sales and customers through your door using our up-to-date technology.


Integrating the latest in web, mobile, app and emerging technology solutions to take your brand the boost it needs to further succeed.

Giving your business the competitive edge, with our expertise.







Enough about us, lets talk about you!